I, the abovementioned and undersigned member, hereby undertake that I shall be subjected to the rules and regulations laid down by the appointed Tournament Director/Manager. This includes being available, at all times, for any disciplinary hearings and/or official meetings at the request, written or otherwise, of the appointed Tournament Director/Manager.

I herewith indemnify ICSA, the appointed Tournament Organisers, Officials, host Arenas, Provincial Governing Bodies, Sponsors, and all other participants in the Indoor Cricket South Africa National Championships against:

  1. The loss of any personal belongings during the course of the aforementioned tournament.
  2. Any physical injury I may sustain during the partaking in the aforementioned tournament, including accommodation during the event and travelling to and from playing venues.
  3. Any injury or bodily harm inflicted by any person/s during the partaking in the aforementioned tournament.

Any legal claims arising due to any of the aforementioned will be for the claimants own account, with the understanding that ICSA and the appointed Organisers may assist any claimant in the course of any legal proceedings in the form of advice and referrals.