Junior National Championship Result 2016

Junior National Championship Result 2016

5th Apr 2016 News Uncategorised 0

The results for the Junior Nationals are in. Here is all the winners:

Umpire of the Tournament: Mariette van de Venter

Fair Play Award: NWP LM
Best Batter: David Simon (Boland)
Best Bowler: Cameron Welsh (GN Titans)
MVP: E. Meyer (Mpumalanga)
Gold Winners: GN Titans
Silver Winners: Boland
Bronze Winners: NWP LM

Fair Play Award: GN Pirates
Best Batter: J. Stoltz (Mpumalanga)
Best Bowler: Bilal Alli (NWP LR)
MVP: Alex Blows (Boland)
Plate Gold: Boland
Plate Silver: GN Titans
Plate Bronze: NWP LD
Cup Gold: NWP LR
Cup Silver: Eastern Gauteng
Cup Bronze: Eastern Province

Fair Play Award: Boland
Best Batter: Juan Wilson (Boland)
Best Bowler: GeNico February (Boland)
MVP: Andreon Botha (GN Titans)
Gold Winners: Boland
Silver Winners: NWP LA
Bronze Winners: Eastern Province

Fair Play Award: Free State
Best Batter: Stefan Obermeyer (GN Titans)
Best Bowler: M. Bronkhorst (Eastern Province)
MVP: M. Bronkhorst (Eastern Province)
Gold Winners: Eastern Province
Silver Winners: Boland
Bronze Winners: GN Titans


To view all results and all stats for the 2016 Junior Tournament please visit www.icsa-stats.co.za